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Welcome to the NerdBird Blog

Introducing the NerdBird herself

I’m Jade Tremarco – NerdBird for real. Lover of sci-fi, dinosaurs, music, whiskey, and red lipstick.

I am the owner of the Liverpool-based web design company Hashtag NerdBird. 

I create a beautiful webspace for your business where you can show off exactly what you do, in style. I am passionate about changing the status quo in web design and bringing women to the forefront of the industry.

In 2012 things had to change for me. I was done with working for someone else and having a life that was dictated by Dolly’s hours (9-5). I wanted something more creative and I dreamed of being my own boss.

I was craving the flexibility, time to travel, and determine a life that was more suited to the lifestyle I had created; being a musician and touring the UK with my band.

I joined the family business and learned all about graphic and website design from my gorgeous mum. I was working in a very flexible environment but I still wasn’t my own boss, so in 2019 I created Hashtag.

Why did I create this blog?

This blog was originally created to educate and inform women who are not so tech-savvy how to edit, maintain, and upgrade their websites themselves.

I’ve worked in and with many companies over the years who have always kept their cards close to their chest. I prefer to work in a more open, educational way. 

Becoming a NerdBird means 3 things:

  1. You understand and can edit your website
  2. You have control of your website
  3. You share your knowledge and creativity with other chicks

Leading the way through education

Throughout this blog, I will give you hints, tips, jargon breakdowns, and most importantly, educate you on how to move forward with your website so that it grows with you, as your business grows too. 

We look at:

  • Website branding
  • Website imagery
  • Web design fonts
  • Web design platforms
  • Web design layouts
  • Legal pages
  • Copywriting
  • Amendments
  • Marketing
  • SEO

And much more! 

If there is anything you can’t find on this blog please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for information. We love to cover new content.