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I love a good freebie!

Enjoy these HNB freebies to help you level up!

There’s so much stuff to filter through when you’re creating a website and it is super important that we, as business owners, share our knowledge.

Gone are the days of playing your cards close to your chest – the internet has pretty much eradicated that mentality.

Try our free Website Planner Workbook today!

You’re ready to build your new website but you’re feeling stuck with all the planning and where to start

You may be asking yourself things like…

What photography should I use?

How do I handle the writing for the site?

Should I create the website myself?

What steps do I take next?

How can I make the most out of my website?

What pages do I need?

What’s this freebie thing all about?

What website platform is best for me?

How can I automate things?

What about the other tech?

Hashtag NerdBird

Working through this workbook, you will:

✓ Discover your website’s most important goals and what pages you need on your website

✓ Decide on the most ideal website platform for you & what other tech you need to make your process seamless

✓ Know whether you want to DIY your website or hire a professional website designer

✓ Decide how you will handle the photos + writing for your website

✓ Create a strategic game plan for you website and know what your next steps are

Website Planner

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