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Show the world what you’re capable of

You’ve started a business or have been in business for a while and you want to level up.

Having an online biz can open up a world of adventure and excitement on it’s own…

You’re your own boss
You create the life you want
You can spend more time with your loved ones
You get paid what you’re worth

I can’t wait to help you level up

What I do

Hashtag is all about empowering people, enabling them to discover their magical inner design geek, helping them to shine everyday through creating totally awesome websites.

We design, create, and fulfil your design brief, whether you’re a direct client or a marketing company wanting a white-label service.

Hashtag want to change the status quo of website design

through demystifying the process
improving accessibility
driving creativity
delivering astounding value for money
and proudly positioning women at the forefront of the industry


Hashtag NerdBird

Honesty & Authenticity

Hashtag NerdBird

Passion & Creativity

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Respect & Integrity

Jade Thunder - Hashtag NerdBird Founder


Hey rockstar!
I’m Jade Thunder

The owner of the web design company Hashtag NerdBird.

In 2012 things had to change for me. I was done with working for someone else and having a life that was dictated by Dolly’s hours (9-5). I wanted something more creative than accounts – yep, I was in accounts at one point – and I dreamed of being my own boss.

I was craving the flexibility and time to travel and determine a life that was more suited to the lifestyle I had created; being a musician and touring the UK with my band.

I joined the family business and learned all about graphic design and website design from my gorgeous mum. I was working in a very flexible environment but I still wasn’t my own boss, so in 2019 I created Hashtag.

Jade Thunder - Hashtag NerdBird Founder
Jade Thunder - Hashtag NerdBird Founder
Jade Thunder - Hashtag NerdBird Founder

The best thing about being my own boss is the freedom to create a life that fits around what I love.

So what do you want?

What do you envision for yourself?
Where do you want to be in five years time?
When are you going to make the changes?
Why do you want to do it?

When you know these answers, I can help you level up your life and business

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