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You need a website that works for you! 

I help business owners save time and grow their biz by creating magical websites that play outside of the box

Want a website that converts visitors into clients? 

Let me help you transform your business!

Let’s be honest, how you present your business online matters. A HUGE amount.

Everything about your website draws people in – whether it’s the colours, images, branding, or functionality.

Combining magical aesthetics with carefully constructed web layouts helps you share your message with your users and bring in the clients you want.

Like the sound of this?

Did someone say freebie?

Need help planning and launching your website?

Attract the right clients and present yourself as the amazing, professional entrepreneur that you are.


I’m Jade Thunder

NerdBird for real. Lover of sci-fi, dino’s, and red lipstick.

I create a beautiful webspace for your business where you can show off exactly what you do, in style. I am passionate about changing the status quo in web design and bringing women to the forefront of the industry.

There are three ways I can help you build your online empire

Hashtag NerdBird

I need a new website

Top 4 website design font mistakes to avoid!

I need to edit my website

5 tips for a stronger website

NerdBird Programme


Check out our Resource Library

Hashtag NerdBird

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Let’s get you on your own trailblazing path to creating a scroll-stopping website to suit you and your business.

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